How we made 34 key tech hires for IFF and reduced time to hire by 50%


key hires in 6 months.


cost per hire.


reduction in IFF's time to hire.



“The most important thing for me was the output and quality of candidates. TBS consistently brought great candidates into the pipeline that fit our exact needs. I am extremely happy with the people we hired.”

Brandon Doyle, CPO FirstVet


SECTOR: Food & Beverage; Health; Biosciences

STAGE: Corporate

IFF is a global leader in food, beverage, and chemical manufacturing. For over 130 years, they’ve been producing flavors and fragrances that are used in millions of products around the world. And their global customer base includes the likes of P&G, Pepsi, and Unilever. IFF is a public company headquartered in New York.



In 2021, IFF underwent a complex merger and acquisition (M&A) with DuPont. During the process, they doubled their headcount to 24,000 employees, and embarked on a journey of digital transformation — focusing on AI, IOT, and Big Data. We partnered with IFF to build out their first Digital Operations Group — aiming to digitalise manufacturing. Digital transformations are notoriously difficult to scale, and IFF’s goals were ambitious. They wanted to shift to a modern, compelling employer brand, hire in a hugely competitive market, and bring key talent onboard at the speed of light. IFF put their trust in us to make it happen.


We partnered with IFF in collaboration with McKinsey — embedding a team of 6 talent experts to lead recruitment for the Digital Operations Group. During our 6-month partnership we:

✓ Optimised hiring processes — reducing time to hire by 50%.

✓ Delivered high-quality recruitment materials and internal interview training.

✓ Revised global digital compensation benchmarks.

✓ Managed candidate outreach and experience.

✓ Delivered end-to-end recruitment services for 30+ mission-critical roles.


Within 6 months, we made 34 key hires for IFF across data, engineering, and digital MFG project management. Our candidates came from every corner of the world from EMEA to NA to LATAM to APAC, and all of the roles were mid to senior level. Our average cost per hire was less than 10k. In addition, we also established scalable recruiting best practices and set up IFF’s internal recruitment team for future hiring success.


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