How we helped FirstVet make 20 key hires in product and engineering


key hires in 4 months.


FTEs in engineering and 8 in product.


company growth following our partnership.



“The most important thing for me was the output and quality of candidates. TBS consistently brought great candidates into the pipeline that fit our exact needs. I am extremely happy with the people we hired.”

Brandon Doyle, CPO FirstVet


SECTOR: Health tech; Vet services

STAGE: Scale-up

FirstVet is a digital veterinary platform that provides pet-owners with on-demand video consultations from qualified veterinarians. Founded in 2016 in Sweden, the company covers 7 million pets worldwide, and has raised over $96 million in funding.


FirstVet brought us on to scale their team for fast market expansion in Europe and the US. They wanted to find top-tier product and engineering talent to optimise every step of their customer journey. FirstVet didn’t have the resources in-house for this volume of hiring and needed a talent partner they could rely on to deliver high-quality candidates, fast. That’s where we came in.


We worked extremely closely with CPO Brandon Doyle and CTO Niklas Sundbaum to secure key talent for multiple core teams. The Big Search experts we brought to this project included 2 Talent Acquisition Partners, 1 RecOps Specialist, and a team of Sourcers. In 4 months our team:

✓ Built a robust pipeline of relevant highly-qualified candidates.

✓ Implemented streamlined recruitment processes.

✓ Delivered market insights and compensation benchmarking.

✓ Provided strategic support to the leadership team.

✓ Created a foundation for relocation and visa processes.


During our 4-month partnership with FirstVet, we made 20 key hires for multiple mission-critical teams. This included 8 product roles and 12 engineering roles in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the U.K, and the U.S. On top of this, The Big Search was also able to implement robust hiring practices at FirstVet, and provide training to the in-house team to help ensure future hiring success.

“By far the best TA I’ve worked with throughout my career.”

Niklas Sundbaum, CTO FirstVet


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