We love helping companies grow.

Going where nobody has gone before is a wild ride. By making it easy for founders to gather the right people behind their missions, we help build organisations that solve the world's most important problems.

Technology experts.

We've completed hundreds of projects in the tech industry and built whole companies from top to bottom. Technology is part of our DNA.

Rebels with a cause.

We don't just do things how they've always been done but question the status quo and design novel recruitment services and strategies. What matters is adding value to our clients and partners.

Continuously improving.

There is plenty of room for improvement in recruitment. We think it will come from a combination of technology and operational excellence. That's where we've been succesfully investing since day 1.

Global reach & culture.

Our BIG Team is distributed across offices in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Skopje, and Budapest, but we also have colleagues remotely in other locations around the world. We thrive in remote yet collaborative set-ups.

Meet our growing team. There's close to 200 of us spread around the world.

Managing Director – The Big Search

Learco Finck

I've always wanted to build and create things: whether that's a business, writing a story, or taking photos. I wake up every day for the pleasure of seeing new ideas come to life! Since 2012, I've been active in the executive search space – always thinking about how recruitment can be improved.
Managing Director – GetNavis

Curry Chern

I wake up most days wanting to leave things a bit better than they were yesterday (I have my lazy days), which is what led me to study engineering. I love problem-solving, designing, and building things that help others, so it's been great to use these skills in tackling problems in the recruitment space.

Elena Obukhova

I've always loved getting to know people and hearing about their own journeys through life. I'm in an incredibly fortunate position where every day I can absorb information and learn from people building companies that shape the future of our world.

Tiffany van Driel

Working in talent allows you a unique, birds-eye view of the tech ecosystem and the people driving it. Every day I get to partner with fascinating people doing amazing things to solve really important problems. I love it!
Head of Product

Petar Simjanoski

Facing new challenges and collecting the pieces needed to find a new solution has been the driving force for most of my life. Being surrounded with some of the most amazing recruiters and building the technology they need to solve complex problems has been a journey that I'm fortunate to have embarked on, and I enjoy every second of it.
Head of People

Evy Van Galen

I'm super passionate about people and understanding what makes them tick. After spending six years leading Tech Recruitment teams at Booking.com and DAZN this passion led me to joining the Big Search – where I spend everyday building great employee experiences which bring out the best in all our employees.

Jake Grayston

I've always been driven by how to improve the talent experience for clients and candidates. Working in start-ups, scale-ups and the exec recruiting industry for 11 years has given me great insights into what has and hasn't been solved. I see a huge opportunity to innovate in our industry and we haven't even scratched the surface. I enjoy challenging the status quo and think it is an exciting time to grow a business that can do that.
Director, Embedded Talent Acquisition

Viktoriia Katenkarii

I believe people are the most important asset of any organisation and hiring the right people for the right roles is essential to the success of a business. Having the opportunity to support so many great brands is what makes me excited about recruitment and the work we do here at TBS.
Head of Finance

Biljana Minovska

I have always been amazed by how people's lives and businesses can be improved by simple yet meaningful innovative approaches. Supporting processes that bring such enrichment is what I find valuable in the work that I do. Joining an executive search company with a mission to connect talent with companies that are shaping the future brings me even closer to these aspirations!
Head of Data

Pavel Kroupa

I was always passionate about understanding how the world around us works and interacts. This led me to study Physics and Computer Science. I see data as an incredibly powerful tool to have an accurate insight into every aspect of TBS and the talent landscape. This can empower people to make the entire recruitment process faster, fairer, and better for everyone involved.
Head of Brand

Kat Okinczyc

I love looking for the missing logical links and pushing the boundaries of the status quo. I am now excited to be able to implement my diverse brand/product design and management experience in the recruitment space where I see a lot of room to grow on multiple levels.
VP Strategy

Will Ritchie

When I was a kid, I never thought I would grow up to work in recruitment – but here I am 7 years into a career of trying to solve the problem of matching people with companies and still obsessed by the challenge.
Senior Consultant

Sahar Powell

What fascinates me the most about being in Executive Search is that every single day is different and exciting. I enjoy connecting people to new opportunities and helping them to develop their careers. It's exciting to see people taking over new challenges, companies finding the best talents for their growth journey, and knowing we've helped both sides find what they are looking for.
Senior Consultant

James Wright

Ever since university, I have been fascinated by recruitment. I am always looking at how talent challenges can be addressed faster, more accurately and with higher quality. The opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and founders to bring in key hires into their team, and see the business succeed as a result, is a huge motivation for me.
Senior Manager

Thomas Molenaar

I enjoy helping people solve puzzles. But what I enjoy more is leveraging the tools I have at my disposal to be a true talent advisor to founders and CEO's.
Senior Consultant

Dipika Anand

During my investment banking days, I realised that the most important asset for any organisation is people. And that by nurturing the potential of an individual, organisations can truly thrive. I got attracted to searching the world for this potential, executing leadership turnarounds and acquiring high-impact talent for clients in the process. Building an agile and future-fit talent strategy for clients and drawing synergies with business is my passion.
Talent Lead

Iva Kochovska

I love speaking with different people, hearing about their stories and what got them to the present moment. I see myself as a relationship builder, establishing productive and life changing relationships. Having the opportunity to work with amazing founders and great talent, and at the same time transforming their lives and careers for the better is truly rewarding and my biggest motivation.

Antonela Angelovska

I've always been fascinated by human behaviour and have wanted to gain deep insights as to how people are motivated, think and navigate through life. What better way to satisfy my curiosity than being in a people-based industry like recruitment :) .
Senior Consultant

Miklos Blasko

I've been fascinated by leadership, culture, and the complexity of organising a group of people to do seemingly impossible things. Today I try to translate that fascination into my work and enable businesses to think empirically about how and whom they hire, as these decisions trickle down to impact the whole of the company.

Ilya Grigorev

Growing up in a family of engineers and scientists, living in different countries and learning different languages sharpened my analytical skills and my intuitions. What attracts me about leadership consulting is finding the right blend between (lots of) data and (some) intuition to help deliver the right people to the most impactful part of a business.
Associate Consultant

Ben Shane-Stone

After spending a couple of years working in Rec2Rec, I had the chance to join one of the fastest-growing talent consultancies in Europe - TBS! It has been awesome to be a part of the growth journey we are on, and I can’t wait to see where we are in 5 years!
Talent Lead

Jasmina Kalin

I am a people person and a good listener. I enjoy connecting with creative minds, listening to their accomplishments and what excites them in life. We spend one third of our adult life at work, so it's important to spend it in an environment that motivates you. Recruitment brings me exactly that, the joy of enabling candidates land their dream job.
Talent Lead

Max Benter

Talking to different people every day, candidates, and clients, learning what they have done and what they set out to do, allows a unique insight into people's lives, dreams, and intrinsic motivation. Matching these people and creating win-win-win situations for all of us is the biggest pleasure of my daily life.
Head of Office, Budapest

Tamás Órás

I have always enjoyed working with people and helping them in their development whether on personal or career level. In my previous experience, I focused on building excellence and trusted partnerships in the mobility world around the globe.

Diversity & Inclusion.

The Big Search is committed to inclusive search and recruitment processes for our clients. We actively search for underrepresented and overlooked talent. We strive to ensure every candidate and every employee is given equal opportunity to bring their unique experiences and ideas to the table.

For our own company, we're developing an inclusive and flexible working structure so all our employees can create the best work-life balance for them. When everyone can thrive in their own way, we can create a thriving company together.

Changing the way the world selects its leaders.
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