in parallel.


Thriva is a Series A Health and Wellness start-up. In 2020, the business grew exponentially, with offerings across B2B and B2C markets. After achieving considerable triple-digit percent growth in 12 months, the business was in full scale-up mode.


The business needed to professionalise their operation in order to keep up with the demand and maintain its high standards. As a result, the founding team decided to hire a Chief Financial Officer who could define their financial strategy and a Chairman of the Board whose expertise could support this period of aggressive growth.


We partnered with the founders and the Head of People to run both searches in parallel. The CFO search required careful mapping of talent in the space to find candidates with extensive scale-up experience in both B2B and B2C settings.

Meanwhile, for the Chairman search, we reached out to industry veterans in the eco-system of healthcare and technology.


Our team delivered a diverse shortlist of CFO profiles within the first month of the project. For the Chairman role, we engaged with a very notable individual with a superb reputation in the market within two weeks of the search commencing. There was very strong alignment from the start and, after a variety of working sessions with the founders and investors, the candidate was appointed to the position.

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