Hiring for
global growth.


After raising $250 million in their Series C funding in 2018, London- based banking app Revolut was ready to go global with an international team, new products and more advanced banking systems. Aggresive expansion was in the cards.


Revolut needed a diverse range of specialised talent to scale. But their competitors Monzo, Starling and N26 were growing fast too. Our recruitment strategy for them had to be both agile and sophisticated.


We have partnered closely with CEO Nikolay Storonsky since the Series A funding in 2016, so this was not our first Revolut rodeo.

We assigned two POD teams to focus on leadership hiring, and two POD teams to scale departments across the business. Everyone had a global remit. The project was overseen by one project manager.


In 12 months, we hired for Revolut: 5 board members, 16 senior leaders [including their COO, CEO Singapore and Chief Credit Officer US], 107 FTEs [across Operations, Product, Marketing and FinCrime globally]

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