Hiring for
new expertise.


Minit is a Series A SaaS start-up offering a solution to assess and optimise internal business processes. The company has raised capital from notable investors, including Target Global, Earlybird and OTB Ventures.


Minit had a superb technical foundation but lacked a refined commercial operation. This would be imperative for the business to successfully scale internationally. But the Process Mining industry is still in its infancy and commercial expertise in the space is scarce.


Looking ahead to their next phase of growth, the Minit leadership team and investors decided it was time to transition away from a technical, founder-led approach to a new commercially orientated CEO.

We worked very close with Minit’s investors Earlybird and OTB Ventures to define and scope out this new CEO role. We engaged and attracted superb talent from the eco-system to present a strong shortlist of candidates.


In May 2021, our candidate James Denning joined Minit as their new CEO. Formerly VP EMEA for Automation Anywhere, James has one of the strongest reputations in the market and was a perfect fit to take on the exciting challenges that Minit will face.

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