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Keen Venture Partners is a venture capital firm which invests in fast-growing scale-ups across Europe, particularly tech businesses at Series A and B stage. In the process of raising a new €150 million fund, Keen Ventures partnered with us to expand the junior team in their Amsterdam office.


We did a comprehensive mapping exercise and cast our nets wide across IB, Consultancy and Operational profiles. What we realised was that even though these were big pools of people, we rarely found individuals who had a solid understanding of the VC space, as well as a passion for and understanding of technology trends.


Through numerous, structured interviews, we found two candidates who had strong business acumen, were personable with a great sense of humour (something Keen was looking for) and wanted to enter the VC sector.


In September 2021, Djoni de Vos and Abdul Afridi signed up to join Keen Venture Partners as Associates. With their backgrounds in consulting, as well as corporate development and investment banking, both will be focusing on investments in data intelligence, software services and digital transacting businesses.

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