Hiring & thinking
outside the box.


French startup iziwork, a mobile app for temporary work, quickly found success in its native country. It was time to expand across Europe. To do this, they needed the best leaders.


But what do the best leaders for iziwork look like?

In our partnership, we used our extensive knowledge of the market to provide iziwork with strategic insight and guidance, so they could make informed decisions about when to:

A) Hire externally
B) Hire from their network
C) Promote internally


To find the best international leaders, we ran a comprehensive map of the market to identify top talent – including in markets iziwork had never considered before, but we knew from experience would add value to their business.


In 6 months, we scaled out iziwork’s leadership team across Product, People and Commercial, ready for their European expansion.

Changing the way the world selects its leaders.
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