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Gorillas, the Berlin-HQ’d startup promises to let you order groceries and other “every day” items for delivery in as little as 10 minutes and has raised $810 million in Series C funding, at a valuation that surpasses $3 billion earlier this year.


Having become one of the fastest European “unicorns”, Gorillas has been agressively expanding across European major cities.

Taking over hiring for their Growth, Brand & Expansion teams, we quickly learned that the demand exceeded the maximum amount of roles we can work on at any given time.


To increase capacity without actually increasing capacity, we analysed previous searches and found benchmarks for when we can confidently say that a search will close.

The approach was communicated with hiring managers and extra emphasis was put on closing the best candidate in the process. This strategy allowed us to optimise our capacity, work on more searches at a time and improve conversion.


Number of hires went up by 66%, number of active searches by 40% with a similar time to hire and conversion rate.

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