Hiring for
an industry disruptor.


Building Radar is a Munich-based Series A start-up disrupting the Construction space with their innovative B2B SaaS platform. The business had raised over €5 million and was scaling quickly across Europe.


The industry around Building Radar was still stuck in traditional processes. Consequently, their platform had a very wide usecase, which needed a clear product roadmap and prioritisation.

Founders Paul Indinger and Leopold Neuerburg decided it was time to hire a Chief Product Officer to help set the product vision for the business. This new leader would refine the existing product whilst also exploring new solutions for the space.


We worked closely with Building Radar to define the role and the key characteristics needed for the profile. It was clear from the start that the scope was very specialist and required deep search into the B2B Software eco-system.

Early into the project, we identified a profile who had highly relevant construction and B2B SaaS experience – a very rare pairing. After engaging with the candidate, it was clear there was a perfect alignment.


Following the successful appointment of the Chief Product Officer and enjoyable partnership, we have continued to work with Building Radar and have hired their Head of Marketing as another addition to the leadership team.

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