Our Superpowers.

The Big Search operates at the intersection of human expertise, data and technology. Our teams work on a bespoke technology stack, with all the data they need at their fingertips. Our recruitment platform offers our clients 24/7 visibility into all hiring activities.

Secret Sauce.


Good hiring decisions cannot be made without accurate information to base those decisions on.

We’ve invested heavily into building a comprehensive data ecosystem that combines public sources (Dealroom, Linkedin, Crunchbase, ...) with our own internally collected proprietary dataset.

This provides us with insights into market trends and the talent landscape that enables us not only to find the best candidates fast, but also to become a true consulting partner to our clients.


The Big Search works on Navis - the platform for the next generation of search consultants.

Navis is levelling the playing field for independent consultancies, offering best-in-class research, tech and data so they can make more placements, wow their clients and candidates and focus on growing their businesses – all in one place.

If you’re an independent search consultant looking to up your game, or a consultant wanting to be independent, get in touch.


Data plays a vital role in helping us improve hiring processes. We can identify inefficiencies but also inequalities and embedded disadvantages. Comparing data across past search allows us to diagnose problems and make plans to fix them.

Our expert researchers are equipped with the best tools on the market as well as custom recommendation algorithms and machine learning classifiers so they can look further, faster and process more information.

We all work on Navis, a 3-sided platform that connects our clients and candidates. The platform is designed to optimise asynchronous workflows and communication so nobody is ever waiting for an update.


Changing the way the world selects its leaders.
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