We accelerate growing companies by providing strategic support and hard-core execution. We give hiring the attention it deserves.

Whether it’s working hand-in-hand with you to build your first teams, helping you set up a TA function or partnering with an existing TA team to strategise and execute on ambitious hiring goals - we are ready to plug in at any stage, finding the right people to align around your mission.

How we do it.

We’re on your team early.

We join as your initial TA team and help you launch.

We’ve put together entire companies from CEO to the first 40 hires. We’ll bring everything: our strategic hats, tooling and processes, and of course the teams to execute.

Keeping you on track while you grow.

We supplement your existing TA capabilities.

Hyper-growth doesn’t need to mean chaos.
We go fast while sticking to high-quality execution. We’ll bring teams that have done this many times before.

Giving you an edge at the later stages.

We’ll seamlessly onboard and adapt to your needs.

You likely already have a developed TA organisation. We’ll blend right in and support your hiring managers like your own teams – nobody will know the difference.

“At TBS we focus on working with companies that strive to change the future for the better. Our ETA offering supports them on this journey by hiring the teams they need - this is what makes me so excited about working at The Big Search.”
VICTORIIA KATENKARII Director, Embedded Talent Acquisition

Our Teams.

Every project is supported by a carefully designed team for faster, high-quality hiring.

All team members have clear roles, enabling specialization and greater focus on core tasks. Our cross-functional profiles allow us to build a team tailored to your specific needs.

Changing the way the world selects its leaders.
A TBS company.