The right leaders transform
organisations. We scout the globe
for exceptional people.

Our specialist consultants and their teams work with you in deep partnership and with transparency to get the right person. We help you scope the role, set and execute the search strategy, run thorough leadership assessments, and advise you on your hiring process.

Types of Roles.

Founder CEO succession, Strategy and & Corporate Development roles, or Chief Digital Officers.

From Chairwoman to NEDs or Technical Board Advisors.

CTOs, CPOs, Chief Data Scientists, but also the VP and Director layers underneath.

CROs, CCOs, CMOs, but also VP Sales, VP Marketing, and VP Growth.

COO and VP Operations roles and the varied iterations thereof.

Chief People Officers, VP People, VP Talent, and VP Talent Acquisition.

“In the venture space, the right leaders can completely change or accelerate the trajectory of a business. This is what makes our work so interesting and exciting. It starts with a deep understanding of your vision and the business challenge - it ends with the right person by your side.”
LEARCO FINCK Managing Director
Changing the way the world selects its leaders.
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